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Jan 8

68% of Small Businesses Plan to Increase Marketing Spending in 2013

Results from a recent study from AWeber found that a majority of small businesses plan to increase their marketing spending in 2013 (68%), and 29% plan to spend the same amount.  More interesting however, is how much time small businesses are spending on their marketing efforts each week:

  • 25% of small businesses spend four or more hours per week on e-mail marketing
  • 27% spend four or more hours marketing on Facebook (12.5% actually spend 7+ hours)
  • 34% spend four or more hours per week working on their website
  • More than half (52%) spend less than one hour on Twitter per week, and less than 10% spend more than four hours using it per week

The most interesting tidbit from this article is who is doing the marketing efforts.  88% of small business marketing efforts are being performed by the OWNER or CEO.

These results clearly point out a need for technology solutions that can simplify a small business’s marketing efforts.  Enter UPlanMe, which provides technology that simplifies how local business owners manage and promote their events, specials, sales and updates across: Their Website, Facebook & Twitter, and to 3rd Party Websites & Mobile Apps.  

UPlanMe’s online marketing solution for businesses drastically shortens the amount of time businesses need to spend on marketing, while increasing the reach of their marketing content to new customers.